Tokyo Massage Akasaka Shiodome Daiba
Service hours 6:30pm-1am
Reservation hours 3pm-1am

APRIL 18, 2014

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The girls at TMS are ready to relieve you of the stress and fatigue of the daily grind.

Tokyo Massage Service, TMS offers a range of massage services for male clientele. Select the service that best satisfies your needs and allow one of our professional therapists to soothe and relax your mind and body.

Welcome to Tokyo Massage Service! TMS offers visitors staying in Tokyo a range of massage and relaxation services. Is working at the top wearing you down? Are you looking after yourself? Still have mountains of work to get through when you get back to the hotel? Then TMS is perfect for you.

Massage is a manipulative therapy aimed at improving blood circulation and lymphatic circulation by using centripetal strokes directly on the surface of the skin. Massage refers to a manipulative therapy first used in France however Thai and Korean style massages that provide the same effect are all collectively labeled under the term massage.

Kaishun is probably a term you are unfamiliar with, however translated into English means to restore onefs youth. The Kaishun massage has gained its name as a massage to restore you to your former sexual self.
Kaishun massage was recorded in ancient traditional Chinese medical literature from as far back as the Tang Dynasty as a massage to increase sexual libido. Because the massage focuses on stimulation of the pressure points and lymph glands in the groin area that stimulate sexual libido, it is more commonly known today as a lymph gland massage.

@@@@@@Blissful relaxation Mental relaxation with aroma therapy
Soothe your tired and fatigued body
@@@Release stress and sexual lust @@@@@Erotic massage

Transform your hotel room into an oasis of relaxation with one telephone call

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@@@@@@@ @@@@‚b‚ˆ‚‚’‚‡‚…‚“ F Charges can be paid in Japanese yen or US dollars.

@@Akasaka Massage @@@Ginza/Shiodome Massage @@@Nihonbashi Massage@@@Shibuya Massage
@@Shinjuku Massage @@Takeshiba Massage @@Ikebukuro Massage@@@Shinagawa Massage

@@Hibiya Massage@@